Andrea Hammond

I decided to become a wedding planner while planning my own wedding. I had never had any part in planning a wedding. It was all new to me and I LOVED it. I love the attention to detail and the scheduling it took. I loved watching everything come together and fall into place. When I first started trying to plan my wedding I had no idea where to start and was overwhelmed by all the things i knew nothing about. There were so many things that I didn’t even realize were part of a wedding. It became so much fun that I realized this was something I could do to help other brides bring there dream wedding to reality.

My Style:

I am a very relaxed and go with the flow person when it comes talking to you, your partner, guests, and vendors. I don’t easily get worked up or bothered by things. I am calm and collected under pressure. However I want to make sure everything goes smoothly and make sure to stay on schedule with everything leading up to the big day and the day of.